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Red Palm Oil

Red Palm Oil Benefits Brain and Heart Functionality

Red palm oil is full of essential phytonutrients like mixed carotene and tocotrienols, and here on this page we’re going to delve into some of the many health benefit associated with red palm oil. Although it’s safe to say that there are general environmental concerns pertaining to the overall production of red palm oil, which we’d never entirely neglect, these same concerns are associated with other oils as well that we use on a daily basis. In recent years nutritionists, health experts and even environmentalists have been reconsidering the moderate production of red palm oil, mainly because every palm oil is unique and ultimately created differently. Red palm oil has now emerged as one of the healthiest cooking oils for household usage, so here we’ll provide more semblance towards the many benefits associated with this very unique cooking oil.

What is Red Palm Oil?

Most palm oil is native to Southwest Africa from the plant Elaeis guineensis, and the fruit of these plants is what is extracted in order to produce the oils. These fruits produce a rather high yield of oil, which is a major reason why it’s such a common cooking oil throughout the entire world. Today, Elaeis guineensis is grown all across the globe, and this is partly because red palm oil has a very favorably high smoke point, as well as incredible heat stability. This cooking benefit makes it incredibly useful for sautéed and fried dishes. When palm oil is red it generally signifies that it’s unrefined, which is indicative of its many health benefits and differentiations to other types of refined palm oils.

Red Palm Oil Benefits

There are many health benefits associated unrefined, red palm oil, including the following:

  1. Reduces Levels of Cholesterol: Everyone knows that one of the many causes of heart disease is high cholesterol, which is why all of us need to remain cognizant of our diets so we aren’t building up too much fat within our arteries and subsequently causing our hearts to work much harder than necessary. Recent studies have shown that red palm oil can help to decrease detrimental LDL cholesterol levels and benefit your entire circulatory system, starting with your heart. These studies have also indicated that red palm oil in particular can help decrease LDL cholesterol by about 13% and triglyceride levels by about 7%.

  2. Helps Slow Down Heart Disease Progression: One of the subsequent health benefits of lower cholesterol levels when regularly using red palm oil is a general slowing down of heart disease progression. Of course heart disease is something that can be halted through regular exercise and a good overall diet, but including the heart-healthy fats found within red palm oil on a regular basis is a great contribution to a healthy diet!

  3. Improves Brain Health: Red palm oil is well known for having a ton of vitamin E and other tocotrienols that are incredible antioxidants, which support brain functionality. Tocotrienols have incredibly far-reaching health benefits, which can even slow down cognitive disorders like dementia from further developing! The NCBI and Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease collaborated within a 2018 study indicating the legitimate connection between tocotrienols and Alzheimer’s, and found that two daily supplements of tocotrienols can do wonders in terms of blocking the overall growth of cranial lesions.

  4. Vitamin A Enhancements: Red palm oil is known for being an incredible source of beta-carotene, which is a carotenoid that efficiently converts itself internally into vitamin A. This nutrient has many different health benefits, including helping an individual’s immune system functionality. The vitamin A benefits associated with red palm oil are also why health experts have recommended the oil for pregnant women and their babies. Red palm oil has also been found to be a good supplement for those with cystic fibrosis.

  5. Helps Reduce Oxidative Stress: Free radicals are internal compounds that are closely related to stress, and red palm oil is full of the necessary antioxidants that help reduce the overall inflammation of free radicals that can lead to oxidative stress. Of course it’s also necessary to compound your red palm oil usage with a well-balanced diet that’s high in antioxidant foods to really eliminate all your oxidative stress!

  6. Hair and Skin Health Improvements: Your skin and hair are always going to be affected by your diet, and there are several studies that indicate that red palm oil helps reduce the appearance of scars and acne. It has also become a known treatment for more serious skin conditions like psoriasis and pressure ulcers. The rich tocotrienol count in red palm oil is why it’s such a good supplement for hair growth and overall health.

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People all across the world have been using red palm oil as a part of their cooking regimen for centuries, but health studies in recent years have shown that it also has many benefits beyond complementing countless recipes. To learn more about red palm oil, contact us online to speak with one of our experts today!