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Cassava Flour
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Banku Flour Mix 1 KG/2.2 lbs Banku Flour Mix 1 KG/2.2 lbs

Nature’s Best Banku Mix Flour is 100% all natural, no additives. Banku Mix Flour is a corn and cassava blend that is popular in Ghana. Prepared by adding water and seasoning to the Banku Mix Flour and bringing the mixture to a slow boil, Banku is best enjoyed with any one of the many West African soups. Nature’s Best Banku mix, a real treat..

Our Price: $14.68
White Garri/Gari Premium Quality Nigerian White Ijebu Garri/Gari 10 lb / 160 oz bag by HATF's Shepherd's Natural

Made from Cassava through a traditional age old grating process, HATF's Shepherd’s Natural White Garri / Gari is gluten free. Garri / Gari is an off white and grainy carbohydrate. Eba, a West African staple food is prepared by adding hot water to garri / gari. Our Garri / Gari is excellent for drinking. Garri / Gari is also known as Cassava Flakes.

Our Price: $33.89
Oat Flour 50 lb Bag Oat Flour 50 lb Bag


Our Price: $91.99