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Cassava Flour

Cassava flour has quickly become the holy grail of gluten-free flour for countless people with gluten allergies, and it should come as no surprise that many people who live with dietary restrictions tend to blend an assortment of flours in order to replicate that general consistency of wheat flour. This type of flour blending is never ideal, and with cassava flour you truly can skip all of that and have an incredibly similar taste and texture to wheat flour without the gluten! There truly is a ton of potential when it comes to cooking with cassava flour, and all of us at Happy African Tropical Foods understand why demand for this special flour has exponentially grown in recent years.

Cassava flour has become an incredible alternative to wheat flour for so many, and the following are 5 things we think you should know when it comes to this magical gluten-free flour!

Cassava flour is grain, gluten and nut-free

The Cassava plant grows rampantly throughout many parts of Africa, as well as South America and Asia. The plant produces a root (commonly referred to as yucca), which is a starchy substance that’s very similar to potatoes, plantains, taro and yam. Because cassava is a root vegetable, that subsequently means it’s grain, gluten and nut-free. It’s also a great food source for vegans, vegetarians and those on the paleo diet!

Cassava flour is unique as compared to tapioca flour

There are instances in which cassava and tapioca flour are interchangeably used, but it’s important to understand that there are distinctive differences between these two types of flour. Tapioca is a starch that comes from a cassava root, which is extracted via pulping and washing. This wet pulp will then be intricately squeezed in order to fully extract the starchy liquid, which will then sit out in order for the water to evaporate and leave behind the tapioca flour. Cassava flour is derived from the actual whole root, which is then peeled, thoroughly dried and grounded up. Cassava flour subsequently has much more dietary fiber as compared to tapioca flour, and provides more possibilities in the kitchen!

Cassava flour isn’t poisonous

The common misconception that cassava flour may have some type of poisonous elements to it is due to the fact that cassava roots do naturally obtain cyanide compounds, but these same compounds are also found in healthy foods like spinach and almonds! These substances technically could be toxic if eaten raw, which is why cassava roots have been processed for centuries by soaking, cooking and fermenting. All of these very old processes efficiently remove the toxic compounds and avoid people feeling sick. But in general, you should be rest assured that all commercial cassava flour will not have any kind of harmful compounds.

Cassava flour is a great source of carbohydrates

Being a starchy tuber, it’s generally expected for a food like cassava to be high in carbohydrates, but this flour is so much higher in carbs than you’d likely imagine. Consider the fact that 100 grams of cassava has double the carbs and calories as compared to a sweet potato. As you can imagine, this makes cassava a highly valuable food source for millions of people all across Africa and the entire world!

Cassava flour is the most like wheat flour, as compared to other gluten-free flours

This is mainly why people consider cassava flour to be the holy grail of gluten-free flours. The generally neutral, mild flavor of cassava flour is very similar to wheat flour, and people love its powdery, soft texture! Another great similarity to wheat flour is that it can be replaced in just about any recipe on a 1:1 ratio, which makes it a practical and easy substitute for people to implement into their daily baking and cooking regimens.

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Quality always matters when it comes to cassava flour, and we’re proud to say that our brand is some of the most authentic in the world. As cassava flour continues to grow in popularity, we’ll be there for our customers in terms of answering questions and concerns they have. Always feel free to contact us online to speak with one of our team members to learn more about our cassava flour products!